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I have a busy, full-time job. It’s in the public sector and I’ve always felt that I’m there to serve – that it’s where God wants me to be. As such, I’ve always put a lot into it. But I confess that I’ve also used it as an excuse: to avoid more obvious ways of serving, to ignore challenges and other demands on my time.

Most of the people I know are very busy.  We’re all trying to cram far too much into what seems like much too little time.  We all have choices to make – and no-one can make them but us.  Some days, of course, it feels like we don’t have a choice…and I’m certainly not making any judgements about how anyone spends their time.  But there are certainly days when I wonder what I have accomplished.  Whether I am just running to stand still.  Whether I am actually making any progress with this one life that God has given me – full and blessed as it is.

I want to make some changes. Obviously, I don’t want to suddenly put less into my paid employment; I don’t think that’s part of God’s plan. But I believe there are other things that he wants me to do…and this project – ‘Simplify’ – is about trying to find out what they might be.  Really, just by creating a little space.

I’m starting with a fast…to find out more what that’s all about please click here for my first post

Or, if you want to find out what I’m doing next, jump to part 2 – it’s a clothes fast.

October is all about waste.

Month 4 starts on November 27th and you can read about how I am trying to simplify Christmas here.

Month 5 starts 1st January 2017…money is the theme this time.

Month 6 is underway.  It’s February and I’m clearing out some ‘stuff‘.

The final ‘month’ is actually covering the whole of Lent – and it’s about reducing the stress in my life.