13th July 1985

Do you know where you were on that date?  I can remember exactly where I was – on a church youth weekend in a village in Swaledale.  It’s a beautiful place, but not where I wanted to be that day.  I would much rather have been at Wembley Stadium…watching Live Aid. The closest I could get… Continue reading 13th July 1985


So, it could definitely be said that planning a month long fast when I already had tickets for The Good Food Show at the NEC during that month wasn’t the most sensible thing to do.  Well, maybe not.  But then there never is a ‘good time’.  That’s part of the point really: a fast is supposed… Continue reading Temptation


It’s Day 8 of Simplify 7 and all is still going well.  I’m eating well on my seven foods and hunger hasn’t been a problem.  I admit I’m getting a little bored with chicken everyday – though I spur myself on with the thought that this is such a first world problem and I really… Continue reading Cravings

Less is more

It’s the sixth day of Simplify 7 – and, apart from the coffee trauma, all is going well. Hunger isn’t really a feature of this kind of fast.  It’s perfectly possible to be really full after a meal that consists only of sweet potatoes, onions and tomatoes as I discovered last night.  In fact, I… Continue reading Less is more

The Plan

In her book, Jen Hatmaker never really explains why she settled on ‘7’ – and perhaps it doesn’t really matter that much.  But 7 is a number with special significance – in the Bible and in other cultures and traditions.  It’s described as the number of ‘completeness and perfection’, no doubt because of the association… Continue reading The Plan