Less is more

It’s the sixth day of Simplify 7 – and, apart from the coffee trauma, all is going well.

Hunger isn’t really a feature of this kind of fast.  It’s perfectly possible to be really full after a meal that consists only of sweet potatoes, onions and tomatoes as I discovered last night.  In fact, I discovered that I really only needed one sweet potato.

I’m not doing too badly with food boredom, either.  Maybe that’s partly because I have had such a busy week that it’s really suited me to have very little choice about what I’m eating. I have experimented and tried to use the ingredients as creatively as I can…the chicken curry was especially good and I plan to make it again this week.  But I think I am going to find the next week much more challenging. I’m craving the use of such exotic ingredients as eggs, pasta and citrus fruit – just to make my diet a little more interesting.  I already feel I’m learning about how much I take for granted.

Socially speaking, the week hasn’t been much of a challenge. I haven’t done much that presented a problem in terms of my current dietary requirements.  But over the weekend I’ve met with friends.  Meetings that would normally have involved at least coffee, and probably cake or something more.  In fact, one of them would probably have been a meal in a restaurant if I wasn’t doing Simplify 7.  Instead, I was pretty much limited to herbal tea (a supply of which I now carry in my handbag!)

Inevitably, both friends asked what was going on – and I did my best to explain.  I know it all sounds a bit weird, and I am certain that I didn’t do a really great job of explaining myself.  But I am truly blessed with my friends.  They were supportive in all the right ways – and excited to share in some of my plans (of which more in some future post.)

I don’t think they fully understand why I’m doing what I’m doing – but why should they? I don’t think I fully understand it either.  And I don’t find it easy to share such personal things.  But we had a very different conversation than we would otherwise have had.  It didn’t dominate.  We all had plenty to talk about, and my life has not become all about Simplify 7, but they encouraged me and they showed an interest.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to help someone else.

And it wouldn’t have happened if I was still drinking coffee!


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