I was woken up before 5am this morning  by the noise of the wind in the trees.  Since it’s Saturday – and I am definitely not a morning person – that wasn’t a great thing.  But since I had to go to work today anyway, I suppose it wasn’t too terrible.

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There’s something nice about lying in bed listening to the wind and the rain battering the house.  It gives me a cosy feeling.  However, I am reliably informed by my brother that it’s not quite the same when you’ve got a tropical storm or a hurricane out there and you have really good reason to wonder if you are still going to have roof over your head!

Still, it’s the sign of things to come: we’re definitely heading into autumn.  Although, since I am still coat-less for another week, I have good reason to be very grateful that it has remained relatively warm and dry.  Long may it continue!

I don’t know that my symptoms are bad enough to qualify for full diagnosis as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but I definitely experience low mood during the autumn and winter months.  Much as I love the beauty of autumn trees, I dread this time of year.  I hate the long nights: getting up and coming home in the dark.  I often don’t see my garden from one end of the week to the next.

People tell me I would miss them if I lived somewhere where the seasons are less marked.  I seriously doubt it!  I’m not saying winter has no redeeming qualities – bright, freezing cold winter days have a certain kind of joy, especially if I can get out and enjoy them – but I hate being cold, wet and trying to carry on as normal when everything seems to be telling me to curl up and shut the world out for a few months.

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I find myself watching for the colour of the trees to start changing – especially the trees in the hills I can see from my house.  In the same way, I look anxiously to those hills during the spring to see when the trees regain their green colour.  It usually feels like it takes forever and I’m going to go crazy before it happens.

But the fact is, I can’t control it.  Spring will come, just as surely as autumn and winter will.  And the seasons in our lives are just the same.

This is something I’ve been learning – not just through Simplify 7, but over the last few years.  Sometimes it has felt as though the winter will never end…and I really don’t want to even write about that!  I don’t ever want to live through those times again, though I’ve come to accept that life is bound to bring more seasons I’d rather not experience.   And I have always had the benefit of knowing that God was there with me, carrying me through when I could hardly face each day.

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I’d like to think that Simplify 7 is teaching me that it’s not even worth worrying about.  I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t even had time to make any of the permitted swaps – or be worried about the fact that I was having to scrape cake mix off the dress I needed to wear to work the next day, because I didn’t have time to wash it! There were simply more important things to be getting on with.  And it was enough to be content that I have what I need – even if I don’t have what I want.

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So I’m trying to embrace whatever season I’m in.  Each one can be a season for earning, for growth, for change.  My natural instinct seems to be to resist it – even when I know it’s literally irresistible.

None of which changes the fact that I am DEFINITELY looking forward to getting my wardrobe back next weekend!  I am at least as excited about it as when I see the new green buds on the trees in early spring.  And I know how blessed I am to have all that waiting for me!

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