A few thoughts about (not) bathing

As predicted at the start of this month of Simplify 7, the hardest challenge has been giving up my daily bath.

I know lots of people would think it was no big deal – and some who think the very idea of sitting in hot water is horrible – but surely some readers might understand how I feel?

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Taking a bath is part of the ritual of my day.  It’s a time to wind down, relax, enjoy some time alone…not to mention, as the cold weather arrives, an opportunity to get warm!

Even as a child, I loved having a bath.  Much as I enjoyed our caravan holidays, trips to the shower block or standing washes at the sink were a definite downside.  I love using nice scents, moisturising products, taking time to enjoy the moment.

In my view, a shower can never compete.  Even on the hottest day, I would far rather enjoy a bath than a shower.  I LOVED the fact that most of the hotels I stayed at this year both in India and in Texas had tubs as well as showers.  I took full advantage of all of them.

It makes me less happy – and significantly more embarrassed – when I stop and think  that I never gave a thought at the time about how much water I was using.  There were dry lakes and riverbeds all over Rajasthan , but I admit I was enjoying the luxury  way too much to consider my personal impact on the local environment!

If I was having to carry the water for my daily bath, I might have a different view.  According to my research, an average bath uses 80 litres of water!  A 5 minute normal shower uses about 35 litres.  And I wouldn’t want to have to carry that, either.  Let’s face it: when it comes to water, we’re incredibly lucky to live where and when we do.

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Going without a bath for a month is clearly insignificant in comparison to what it takes for many people to just survive and get enough clean water for basic life.  According to UN figures from 2013, 780 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation.  That doesn’t even include all those who only have access from the village pump and have to carry every drop they need.  Millions of women and children spend a good part of every day just carrying water for the family.

Simplify 7 is giving me time to stop and appreciate how lucky I am.  Although I certainly didn’t feel very lucky last week when I had a bad cold and I couldn’t take comfort in the tub! It was as if there was something missing from my life – and a hot shower couldn’t begin to compensate.

I wish I could say I just rose above it all. ( I know it’s more than a little pathetic to miss bathing so much.)

I didn’t.  I turned to the alternative comfort of Haagen-Dazs and hot toddies, and I’m feeling much better now.  But I am still looking forward to November and a return to my every day luxury.

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