Today is the first Sunday of Advent – and the beginning of the next month of Simplify 7. If you’ve read my recent posts you will know that as part of my preparation for Christmas I am fasting from seven foods: chocolate, cream & ice-cream, bread, pork, beef, lamb and alcohol.  You would think I… Continue reading Hope


Recently I heard a continuity announcer on the TV make the following comment: ‘And so the dreaded countdown begins…50 days to Christmas.’ It made me feel really sad. I’m under no illusion that the run up to Christmas is a stressful time: we get overwhelmed with all there is to do; worried about whether we have the… Continue reading Waiting

An Invitation

As I’ve mentioned previously, the next month of Simplify 7 will commence on Sunday 27th November and I now know for sure that the theme for that month will be Advent/Christmas.  I know that seems a little odd in the context of the preceding months, but then – there’s plenty that’s odd about this whole Simplify… Continue reading An Invitation