An Invitation

As I’ve mentioned previously, the next month of Simplify 7 will commence on Sunday 27th November and I now know for sure that the theme for that month will be Advent/Christmas.  I know that seems a little odd in the context of the preceding months, but then – there’s plenty that’s odd about this whole Simplify 7 journey!

I will, of course, explain the detail at some point – it’s coming together through prayer and I am fairly sure that I know what form this ‘fast’ will take.  But there’s a few weeks to go and I don’t want to go into it all too much at this time.  But December is a busy time and I wanted to give a little more warning for an event that I am planning – and to which you are all invited:


As you can see from the invitation, this is a fundraising event for some very worthy causes.  But it’s also about sharing some time together.  That’s a great thing to do at this time of the year – or at any time, I suppose, although there is something about the winter months that makes it extra important.

One of the scary things about writing this blog is that I never know for definite who’s reading it – and so I don’t, for definite, know who I’m inviting to this little get together!  But I am looking forward to finding out and welcoming you to my home.  And you can always leave a comment on the page to let me know.

Image result for mince pies and coffee

Hope you can make it!


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