It’s the 4th Sunday in Advent – and the start of  the Christmas holidays for me (and lots of other people).  That’s definitely something to celebrate! A couple of people have asked if I’m maybe a little bit crazy, choosing to fast in the run up to Christmas.  Well, I can’t deny it seems that… Continue reading Love


Apologies to anyone who was looking out for a post in what is becoming a bit of a regular Sunday slot.  All I can say is that perhaps it is better late than never…but it’s also an indication that life has got away from me a bit over the last couple of weeks. It’s always… Continue reading Joy


This Sunday was the second in Advent.  Unfortunately I was too busy to blog – but it was for a good reason.  This Sunday, my home was filled with candlelight, cakes, coffee – and people!  It was a lovely evening – friends, people from my church family (past and present), colleagues, and neighbours…including some people… Continue reading Peace